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Shared Education trip

This year's Primary Six children have just returned from their first Shared Education trip with our friends at Millquarter Primary School. 

Millie and Rebecca take up the story:


Today our class went to W5 on a very exciting trip, joined by Millquarter Primary School. The bus ride was quite a long journey, but it was totally worth it!

When we got there we had our break, after that we went to the Explore Go room. We had a very bizarre time playing tug of war and beat every school we played! Some boys built cars with electric engines! Then we went to the Explore See room and did lots of fun things including football, puzzles and volleyball. Luckily we got to go to Climbit and played a very exciting game of catchies. We had our lunch and then went to the Lecture Theatre and watched a very entertaining show about Maths. There was a lot of magic tricks included. After the show we got on the bus and went home. We had a great day.

Together we Learn