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Primary 1 were working hard on recognising their tricky words by finding them in a word search. Primary 2 were sorting pronouns he and she using a practical activity.

Primary 1/2 went on an amazing journey this morning. We learnt all about how the world was created, about Noah and the ark, about Mary giving birth to Jesus, his life and how the world we live in today came about. We got to try different foods from Bible times and try on costumes. Thank you to to James and everyone at Grange Baptist for coming to see us today.

Primary 1 were learning all about full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. They were able to order different containers to which held more or less. Primary 2 were showing different amount by measuring. They were all able to fill their containers to show 400ml here.

We had a brilliant time playing lots of games at Charity Committee’s Summer Fair. We even enjoyed some treats from the tuck shop!

We had some exciting furry friends visit us today! Baby guinea pigs, baby bunnies, chicks and conures.

P1/2 have been working hard to make a scarecrow for Antrim Garden Show, it is finally ready. Meet Josie!

A Right Royal Knees Up

A Right Royal Knees Up!!

Primary 1 and 2 had a lovely morning meeting some animals. There were guinea pigs, rabbits and a corn snake. We all got to pet them, hold them and were surprised at how smooth the snake was 😊

Primary 1 and 2 were working hard on their problem solving skills in numeracy. They all worked together to create a giraffe picture using specific dominoes. Well done!

Primary 1 working hard on their tricky word work.

Primary 1 and 2 started their final topic of this year ‘Off we go!’ We will learn all about transport, holidays and travel 😊

Primary 1 and 2 having a ball searching for Easter ducks to exchange for a chocolate egg 🥚

We completed a Cosmic Kids Yoga as part of our PE programme. We did lots of stretches and different yoga poses linked to the story of Encanto.

Primary 1 and 2 had a great Take 5 day today. Connect- we made Easter cards for our friends at Millquarter PS. Keep Learning- we completed a maths investigation. Be Active- we took part in Sustrans Walk and Wheel as part of our daily mile. Take Notice- we spent time tidying our outdoor classroom. Give- we brought in hygiene and food items for the local food bank

New topic ‘Off we go! ́

Vocabulary Day

Primary One and Two went to Bushmills today on a trip with their friends from Millquarter. We were shown the Old Court House and the building site. We saw lots of machinery and learnt about what it was going to be. We then had a lovely lunch in the Ramore, yum!

Primary One and Two took their learning outdoors today for Welly Wednesday and World Maths Day. Maths is all around us! We made towers that were taller or shorter than us. We looked for shapes made from ice, 'I found a circle'. We were practising our number formation using chalk. We looked at capacity in the kitchen- full and empty. We played hopscotch using a dice and our number recognition skill.

Noel from the local Council came to visit us today to talk to us about recycling. We made our own plant pots from newspaper and planted either sunflowers or cress. We can’t wait to see if they grow when we care for them.

Activity Based Learning

Take 5 Day

Outdoor Learning- we normally take a part in Welly Wednesday ut today took advantage of the dry weather. We had wizzy bugs, building materials, babies to look after and dinosaurs. It was definitely a hit!

Theraplay session 2

Theraplay Session 1

Primary 1/2 completing a problem solving activity as part of their Number Day activities.

Primary 1 and 2 celebrated Number Day by dressing up for the day. We completed lots of fun number activities and took part in a number parade with the rest of the school.

We had a fabulous Welly Wednesday today out in the snow. We built snowmen, made snow angels and enjoyed the weather.

Our topic this half term is ‘In the Toybox’. Below you can see just a few of our activities for play based learning. We draw our favourite toys, have a role play toy shop, a puppet theatre where you can act and be part of the audience and the malleable area where you can create a new toy design.

We had a lovely visit with Jo from RSPB. She explained what our local birds looked like, sound like and helped us to complete our Big Schools’s Birdwatch.

In Primary 1 we encourage our pupils to become more independent. These four stars have been earned their Independence Awards, by completing a series of tasks all by themselves!

P1/2 had a very Autumnal Welly Wednesday this week painting and washing pumpkins. Watch this space, you may see these pumpkins in real life for a special occasion 🎃

Due to technical problems the photos were delayed, but well worth the wait! Primary 1 Shared Education trip to the Zoo. Best ... Day... Ever...

Primary 1/2 have been a very busy bunch! They have been having great fun in Play Based Learning sessions and enjoyed our work this week with Action Mental Health.

We have had a wonderful start to the term with Primary 1 pupils settling in so well to their first term and Primary 2 pupils very excited to be back! Our first topic this term is ‘Mighty Me’ where we look at our names, bodies, birthdays, senses and much more. 

Learning numbers 1 - 5

Our first Welly Wednesday

Play-based Learning ‘Mighty Me’

P2 Comparing Length

Autumn Poetry Writing

We won the tidiest classroom award!

Musical Pathways with Millquarter PS

Looking at where we live

Using Cuisenaire Rods

National Heart Day

Yellow Day, raising money for Shine

Tie dye cakes

P1 beginning their journey through Jolly Phonics

Primary 1/2 have settled back in to Term 1B and our working hard on their Phonics and number work alongside many special events such as Number Week, National Outdoor Day and World Nursery Week! Our topic this term is ‘Down the Town’.

Autumn Welly Wednesday

Number Week 2021

Our very own Groggan hospital

Play Based Learning

National Outdoor Day

Sorting by Venn Diagrams

Exploring Explanation Writing!

World Kindness Day

Down the Town Play

World Nursery Rhyme Week

Using Carroll Diagrams

Explanation Writing

We are all the same but different!

Our Christmas

Using Beebots

Daily Mile - No matter what season it is!

A visit from Emma from EA Nurture

Our topic: Them Bones

Salt dough fossils

Persuasive Writing

A visit from RSPB

We love exploring shapes!

Internet Safety Day

Exploring pictograms


We love music!

Our topic: Down on the Farm

Pancake Day!

Working on our CVC words

World Book Day!

Together we Learn