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Groggan's History

Our History


In the mid 1860’s a local family decided that the children in the district needed some form of formal education.  Initially the school was set up in the front room of their home on the Groggan Road.  As pupil numbers increased the community decided to build a one-room school to accommodate the children in the Groggan area.



The Education Authority built the present Groggan Primary School on the Portglenone Road in the mid 1930’s.  This meant the school was now more accessible to other families in the area.  A local farmer donated land to encourage sport and gardening amongst the pupils.


In the late 1960’s the County Antrim Education Committee decided to close two other small school in the area and amalgamate them with Groggan as it was in a better location.  Therefore in August 1970 Taylorstown North Primary School and Terrygowan Primary School officially amalgamated with Groggan Primary School on its present site where the school continues to flourish.

Together we Learn