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Intergenerational Christmas Event

On Wednesday 30th November, eight Groggan pupils went to Randalstown to meet up with our friends from the Fold. We all sat down in groups with some pupils and some of the Fold residents. First, we had some treats which went down a storm. Next, we took part in a quiz, some questions were easy, others were very tough.  Mason's group came first, and he was delighted to win a massive bar of chocolate. Even the Mayor popped in for a visit. 

For lunch we got chicken goujons and chips and they were really tasty. We really enjoyed spending time with the seniors as they were really interactive and funny. They seemed to enjoy our company. We sang two of our Christmas songs for them and wore our Santa hats. 

Olivia read a Christmas poem to everyone called, 'A Christmas Wish for You.'

We all received a present and did some Arts and Crafts, we made and exchanged turtle doves and left some of our Art we made for them all at school. 

It was brilliant day and we loved spending time with our senior friends. 

Mason, Chloe and Olivia P6/7

Together we Learn