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Groggan and Millquarter choir perform in Randalstown

We were delighted to host our friends from Millquarter Primary School to Groggan on Friday for the final rehearsal for our big performance at the Randalstown Lights Switch On. The children were so excited to see each other and we were delighted to welcome our Shared Education Officer, Joanna Clarke to watch.

Our combined choir sang beautifully on Friday night and we were so very proud of them. Thank you to Mrs Wilson for training the choir and to all of our parents and friends for coming out to show their support. our Shared Education Officer, Joanna Clarke even came along to lend her support and was blown away by the children's performance. 

These are her words, 'You should be incredibly proud of your pupils. They sang beautifully on Friday evening, their excitement and enthusiasm was written on their faces.  They so naturally mix and think nothing of being on a stage together. This is truly what Shared Education and effective collaboration is about.'

Together we Learn