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Anti Bullying Training - Antrim Grammar.

On 31st March 2017, some members of School Council attended an Anti-Bullying event at Antrim Grammar. We had a busy and interesting day learning about different types of bullying and how to deal with them. An easy way to remember the types of bullying is by using the acronym: V.I.P.  stands for verbal. (Such as name calling, offensive language etc.). I stands for Indirect, (Isolating someone, rumours, cyber bullying etc.). P stands for physical, (Hurting, kicking, punching etc.). Another important fact about bullying is that it has to be intentional and repeated.

Something you may not know is that bullying almost affects almost every child in Britain. One of the main purposes of this training day was to ensure that all young people know who they can talk to, if they have any bullying related issues. The School Council are being trained to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. These ambassadors will support others if they want to talk to someone about bullying. Along with an Anti-Bullying Ambassador leader, they will also try to come up with some fun and exciting Anti-Bullying initiatives. The first thing we plan to do is take an Assembly to inform the rest of the school about what we have learnt. We all benefited a lot from this day and we hope it will make a difference.

Together we Learn