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Groggan's Game Changers!

Groggan's P5/6 Children have recently came second in the Trocaire 'Game Changers' competition. 


The children had to create a game based on one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The children developed the game Oceans Alive as part of their World Around Us work and entered the competiton before Easter. We were rewarded with a finals place (the only NI primary school to do so) and were invited to take part in the grand final in Dublin. Here's one of the P5's recount of the day. 


On the day we went to Dublin, we had to leave at 7:00am. It was a long drive, we had a few snacks and stops along the way, but then we settled ourselves and got ready to start. We took a big step into the cinema where we saw the Trocaire members. We went through and admired the pictures on the wall. When we got down the steps the next thing I knew I was sweating and nervous, there were so many people there! We sat down in the cinema listening to Trocaire members explaining the rules. After all the rules were explained, we went to our table and got everything sorted and ready. 


When the whistle sounded all the schools started to play each other's games and show off their own games. It took a long time just to play other schools' games. The TV cameras were there! We had voting cards where we had to pick our favourite game, mine was ‘Bin it to win it.’ After that time was over we got ready to watch the high school videos in the cinema.Then we went to get lunch we had chicken wrap and a mini burger and chicken goujons. We went back into the cinema to listen to the winner. The 3rd place was ‘Bin it to win it’, 2nd place was Groggan! I couldn’t believe it. When we got our trophy we were so happy! On our way home we saw Croke Park. Since we did so well Mrs Humphrey treated us to a Burger King and we drove all the way back to the school excitedly. It was a great experience!


By Jude

Together we Learn