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ACTIV8 at Cullybackey

We made our own chocolate!

P6 prize day

Parkhall visit

Ballymena Academy taster day

Cambridge House taster day

Any Warhol Pop Art

Sports Day Winners!

Aunt Sandra’s candy shop class trip!

Using decision trees

How’s it made? PowerPoints

Using AI to create songs, worlds and animations!

How’s slime made?

Using protractors

Identifying features of Explanation texts

Coaching for Christ session

Second session of tag rugby with Ryan

Another successful Take 5 day!

Farm visitors

How's it made?

Still image for this video

How's it made?

Still image for this video

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Drawing different types of angles using J2code Logo

Our human robots are now following algorithms to stack cups

Writing algorithms for our human robots

Splat with our times tables!

Our Microbit Animations

Our big wheel!

P6 Assembly ✅ Ask us all about Hygge!

World Book Day orienteering!

Measuring and creating a plan for a 30m Viking Longship

Orienteering fun!

2 of our Digital Leaders teaching P6

Exploring 3D nets

Coding with Microbits (even making a step counter!)

Vocabulary Day

Symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes in gymnastics

Human alphabetical order

How did Vikings keep warm experiment

Children’s Mental Health Week and Take 5 day!

Internet Safety Day

Exploring MakeCode

Session 3/3 on Sleep with Mark!

Exploring Carroll Diagrams

Vikings- given answers to come up with the questions

Exploring volume

Take 5 session with Jonny (Sustrans)

Bird watching with RSPB

Viking shields

Working on our connectives

A Friday Numeracy Investigation that got all minds going!

Exploring special numbers: cube, square and triangular numbers!

Christmas duck hunt

Pop up Christmas cards

24 hour time hunt

Venn Diagrams

Exploring prefixes and suffixes

Working on our tenses

Odd Socks Day

Adobe Express Anti-bullying workshop

World Kindness day with the kindest bunch!

We made a Google Form for our peers to fill out!

Area hunting!

Staying safe online workshop with Allstate

Beginning of our 3D models of hot air balloons

Predicting with evidence

Problem solving with IZAK9

Certificates for working on our confidence with Mark

Maths Week was so fun!

Guided Writing - A Persuasive Advertisement

Using our ‘Maths eyes’ to see the so world!

Pedal ready course

Dream Space Live event using MakeCode Arcade

'Oh My Word' with Jenny from RiseNI

Building our resilience through looking at our strengths with Mark!