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Following a very close and exciting election, new School Council members have been elected for this year. We have already had our first meeting and have chosen children for specific roles within the school Council.

We also had time to discuss some of our ventures from last year and there was concern that in every class some children were not eating a healthy break. They decided that in order to encourage everyone to eat a healthy break, there needed to be an incentive. One member suggested that the best class or classes would have an extra five minutes outside playtime every Friday. The winner would also be announced in assembly.

Our main goal this year is to improve outdoor play and at our next meeting, we want to brainstorm ideas. Every class will therefore have a short meeting beforehand so their representatives can bring all the ideas to the School Council meeting!

It is obvious that our School Council again are a proactive bunch and I look forward to listening to ideas from them and hopefully making outside play even more enjoyable! 

Together we Learn