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Anti-Bullying Week - today we wore odd socks. There was no shortage of odd socks in P7.

Some P7 children met with Anne-Marie this morning to discuss what they thought was important to be included in the Bill of Rights and whether they though Northern Ireland should have a Bill of Rights!

P7 Sentinus with Pat - the children learned how to make windmills and aeroplanes.

Sink or float? We looked to see why oranges and lemons float and then figured out a way to make them sink.

World Kindness Day

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P7 enjoyed the activities of World Kindness Day and really made us think about being kind to each other.

Function machines - these were great problem solving and challenges for our P7 class.

Tin foil boat experiment - who’s boat can hold the most pennies? 🤔

2D shape properties were a breeze for P7 - we thought about so many we nearly ran out of room!

Anti Bullying Week - we looked at people that we could talk to and named them on our hands!

Number week was a success in P7 - from 24 game championships, to target board and then our maths trail! 😊

P7 are very skillful when it comes to playing hockey 🏑

Suffixes were easy when being competitive 💪

Time - creating and showing times on an analogue clock 🕰

Together we Learn