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Primary 1 is a hive of activity, and our little learners just love it! They planted their own magic beans after reading Jack and the Beanstalk for their topic, ‘Let’s get growing!’ They had a Shape Day to consolidate their shape knowledge through various practical stations. They had great fun working on their tricky word work, and had a sorting day with lots of different ways to sort, relating to animals. Phew! What a lot of fun learning, but most importantly, look at those happy wee faces.

Meet our new Primary One children!

Our topic for September/October is 'A Time to Rhyme'. Here are some photos of activities we have been doing!

Phonics is fun! Have a look at some of the fun ways we learn our phonics!

Maths and Numeracy - We have been counting using lots of different objects and we have been practising how to write numbers too!

Welly Wednesday Fun!

Together we Learn